Thursday, March 22, 2007

You Can Now Click On Your Own Google Ads!

Google's AdSense is currently a popular service on the Internet because it helps users earn money by placing ads on their websites. Every time a user visits the site and clicks on a Google ad, a certain amount of money is transferred into your account so, more users, more money. Because the service works with financial data, it imposes several terms of service to registered clients that must avoid infringing them or they can get their account banned. One of the most known rules is that users are not allowed to click on their own Google ads because the search giant records the user's IP and, if it's similar with the owner's, it represents a click fraud.

Some time ago, the company released another type of adverts meant to increase their appearance but also display more products and an attractive commercial for a specific solution. Google Video Ads is not being implemented to a limited number of users but some of them are now encountering some simple issues with the adverts. In a discussion published on the WebmasterWorld forum, a webmaster reported that some video ads by Cadillac were included on his site but he avoids clicking on them because he's aware of click fraud. AdSense Advisor, a preferred member of the forum, posted a reply to the message, saying you can play the ads to view the content of the commercial.

The AdSense Advisor said in the WebmasterWorld discussion. Perform an advanced search query SOFTPEDIA

“Actually, you're welcome to watch the click-to-play video ads that appear on your site by clicking the Play button. We want publishers to be able to check the content of video ads playing on their sites, so we only count clicks that lead a user to the advertiser's site, such as a click on the display URL or on the video while it's playing. Clicking only the Play button will let you watch the ad without generating invalid clicks”